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What is Fu's Subcutaneous Needle (FSN) used for?

FSN is used for pain management. By winding and tightening the collagen fibers around the needle shafts, pain is relieved from the affected areas. Additionally, dispersion of nociceptive substances and PH balance has also been observed in skeletal muscles.

Why we love FSN?

1. One of the reasons to love FSN is safety, only involves a single tissue subcutaneous loose connective tissue;

2. Effective, immediate effect ;

3. The repeatability is strong;

4. The fourth is simple, convenient;

5. The five , long-term curative effect is good;

6. It can be diagnosed 

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What is the process like? -For headaches and T.M.J.

In this image, you can see the famous Dr. Zhonghua Fu, MD, providing Demonstration of the  Fu's acupuncture treatment for us at a conference.

FSN needles are distally inserted to the affected area. The needles are then manipulated and act on soft connective tissue (subcutaneous layer),  where collagen fibers are most abundant.  During the manipulation of the needle, collagen fibers would then wind and tighten around the needle shaft. FSN abstains from the muscle and deep fascia layers. 


Dr. Zhonghua Fu performing FSM.

 Real Life Application : Neck and shoulder pain

Here you can see real life application of FSN being used to alleviate shoulder and neck pain of one of our patients. Patient felt 90% better and and increase of range and motion after treatment. We make sure to reassess each muscle after manipulation to ensure that the tightened muscles have loosened up, and decease the levels of pain/discomfort

Different Uses of FSN : Back pain and sciatica 

Our very own famous Dr. Fu in our office performing the best application of FSN to alleviate lower back pain with one of our valued patients. We have been able to  master the technique of FSN, and are eager to provide this treatment to those in need. 

Here is one of many reviews from a customer from Yelp: "I saw Dr. Hongmei Li for pulled muscles in my back. She was extremely gentle and the needle work she did was significantly helpful in alleviating the pain. She also provided me with some herbs to help relax my muscles so I could sleep and they really helped too. She was very thorough in the questions she asked to help determine the root cause of the issue. I will definitely return if I experience any other issues. I highly recommend."

Dr. Zhong Fu, the great man who discovered Fu needles is seen in these pictures at our office  giving patients the absolute best FSN treatment available today. Ensuring effective and proper treatment is our virtue,  and the results/happiness from our patients is our reward. 

And Of Course, Our Patient's Satisfaction is our Greatest Priority !

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